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Spa Hotel in der Toskana, Massagen - Hotel Villa Casagrande
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Via G.B. del Puglia 61 Figline e Incisa Valdarno (FI), View on Map
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Is possible MASSAGES AND TREATMENTS in the morning or the afternoon by booking the day before at the front desk or spa. At the time of booking will be asked for details of a credit card as a guarantee. The massage can have the duration of 30 minutes, 50 minutes or 1 hour and 30, depending on the type of massage chosen or to your needs.

Aromaterapico Is a massage that represents a combination of the wellness from the massage and the virtues of plants. It's a soft but intense technique, where aromas are really important 30 minutes
50 minutes
Sportivo Is a massage that performs on specific parts of the body. Its benefits make it suitable before and after activity 30 minutes
50 minutes
Pillow With this massage the SOYA oil is rubbed into specifically heated pillow. The treatment releases all the benefits from the SOYA. At the end of the treatment the pillows will be given to the guest 1.5 hours
Decontratturante Is a massage that relieves tension and contractures. It's considered a massage with benefits for pains in specific parts of the body or due to wrong posture. It's a little painful 30 minutes
50 minutes
Schiena Is a massage that aims to relax the muscles in the cervical, dorsal, lumbar and sacral parts. It's not only a massage to the back but all the body 30 minutes
Relax Is a massage that eliminates the tension of aims deep breathing and the awareness of ones own body. It's the most effective way to reactivate and maintain the correct psychophysical balance 30 minutes
50 minutes
Shiatsu The word Shiatsu comes from Japan SHI (finger) and ATSU (pressure). It is a Japanese healing technique that through the pressure of the thumbs and palms on certain points of the body. It is a treatment that helps to create well being, relieves stress and improves metabolism regulates relieves pain in neck, low back pain, back pain and headaches and improves circulation 50 minutes
1.5 hours
Thai Postural treatment highly recommended for those looking for a deep postural stimulation, recommended only in the absence of serious complications and muscular 50 minutes
1.5 hours
Reiki The term Reiki is derived from two Japanese words Rei which means it is the first "universal spirit" and ki, meaning "life energy" Reiki is always used to relieve stress, improve the tone of the health and quality of life , helps to restore harmony, self-awareness, creativity and mental clarity 30 minutes
50 minutes
Linfodrenaggio Manuale Is a massage that is performed on the body or facial hair, and is by far the most gentle massage of the existing ones. These movements are pressure and depression made with your fingers and palms. Suitable both as a curative treatment is as aesthetic treatment. It can be a good means of prevention for leg edema 30 minutes
50 minutes
Hot Stone Is a massage that combines the benefits of massage techniques to the healing properties of heated volcanic stones with water and salt. The stones are placed on the body after a massage with essential oils 1.5 hours
Californiano Prince of relaxing massages, draining and moisturizing, recommended for those who want to enjoy a nice relaxing break in 50 minutes
Svedese Is a complete treatment can be relaxing, toning, improve circulation and improve body perception and articulation 30 minutes
50 minutes