Noble Floor

Villa Casagrande is fenced off by Guelph walls and a tall and sturdy tower, inside which a magnificent Italian style garden opens up, stretching out like a beautiful soft carpet intersected by grey lanes and decorated with boxwood hedges and black cypresses. Erected in the middle of the garden is a slender and subtle stone column with a cross, providing the area with the mystic feel of a solitary courtyard. The noble floor of the Villa is an artistic treasure of great value.

The spectacular 15th century hall is a real museum where it is possible to admire Florentine, Sienese and Umbrian paintings, in addition to sculptures, furnishings, armour of indefinable worth, large 15th century fireplaces and washbasins, tabernacles for sacred gothic style images and ceilings with tenuous polychrome decorations. An admirable artistic creation can be found in the stucco low-relief portraying Mother Mary and child, by Tommaso Fiamberti, with the original version in marble located in the Palazzo Ducale of Urbino.