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Villa Casagrande

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Villa Casagrande located in the old town centre of Figline Valdarno, a little town strategically located in a central position between the cities of Florence, Arezzo and Siena. It is a large, distinctive building with a spacious, austere enclosure in pure Tuscan style.


discover the rooms

The Villa Casagrande in his immense artistic heritage, home to a comfortable hotel with 60 rooms, bright, spacious, set in a context of absolute tranquility.

The hotel benefits from the synergy between two restaurants; one is traditional and deeply rooted in Tuscan cuisine, while the other is innovative and dynamic.


discover the spa

Open during all seasons of the year, the Wellness and Fitness centre offers moments of pure relaxation to rediscover a perfect mental and physical balance.

Experiences to be lived

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discover weddings

To make your wedding day truly unforgettable, the choice of location is fundamental.
This is why Villa Casagrande offers various solutions based on the preferences and needs of the bride and groom.